You are not your diagnosis and your diagnosis is not you

People often use their diagnosis to define them. We as people love using names and labels because it gives us a shortcut to understand and relate things and people to each other or away from each other .
While labels can be useful and are needed sometimes because they help us describe better, they are sometimes not beneficial. If someone is called a warrior or survivor , it has a positive connotation to it . However other terms may be understood negatively or associated with stigma, prejudice or discrimination .
To me, as a Homeopathic practitioner , your diagnosis and symptoms are a way of describing your concerns or condition , but it is not you. It does not define you, your character and everything else that you are.
You are unique and it does not honour your complexity and your own personal experience as a person because each disease or disorder manifests itself in different ways in different people. You deserve better.
It’s so one-dimensional when a patient presents to me believing and owning a diagnostic label. It can sometimes become a person’s entire personality. It may feel that your life has been taken over by your symptoms , disorder or disease however it doesn’t truly represent the real you and who you are at your core .
In homeopathy we like to use the analogy of peeling away at the layers of an onion . Symptoms come as a way of showing us that something more is happening and that there is something that is calling for attention, our goal is to assess these signs and symptoms and understand and begin treating to peel away each layer of the onion. As each layer will reveal different symptoms that need to be treated until you finally reach the core .
Similarly symptoms are merely representing the current layer of the onion , but who you are is actually at the core of that onion !
You are not your diagnosis or your symptoms .
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