Breast cancer warning signs

Recognizing the warning signs of breast cancer is essential for early detection and timely treatment. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation:

1. Lump or Thickening: The most common sign is a lump or thickening in the breast or underarm area. It may be painless or tender.

2. Changes in Breast Size or Shape: Any unexplained changes in the size or shape of the breast could be a warning sign.

3. Skin Changes: Watch for changes in the skin, such as redness, dimpling, or puckering. Also, be alert to any rash or swelling on the breast.

4. Nipple Changes: Changes in the nipple can include inversion, retraction, or discharge (other than breast milk) that may be clear, bloody, or coloured.

5. Breast Pain: While breast pain can be caused by various factors, persistent, unexplained pain or discomfort in the breast should be investigated.

6. Texture Changes: Pay attention to changes in the texture of the skin on the breast, which can sometimes resemble the texture of an orange peel.

7. Nipple or Breast Skin Peeling: Peeling, scaling, or flaking of the nipple or breast skin may be a sign of concern.

8. Axillary (Underarm) Lumps: Lumps or swelling in the underarm area could be related to breast cancer and should be examined.

9. Unexplained Weight Loss: Sudden, unexplained weight loss can sometimes be associated with advanced breast cancer.

10. Persistent Cough or Shortness of Breath: In rare cases, breast cancer can spread to the lungs and cause symptoms like a persistent cough or difficulty breathing.

It’s important to remember that these signs may not always indicate breast cancer, and they can vary from person to person. Regular breast self-exams and clinical breast exams, along with recommended mammograms, are essential for early detection. If you notice any of these warning signs, consult a healthcare professional promptly for further evaluation and necessary tests. Early detection greatly improves the chances of successful treatment and recovery.

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