Functional medicine is a preventative, holistic, and individualized approach to health care, which aims to support quality of life and prevent disease. Each patient is unique; each body is a holistic system.

Tests are all offered within a functional medicine context. Functional medicine is the future of health care. It’s principles and approach have evolved to address the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

DNAlysis Nutrigenomic and Functional Testing.

An individualised approach to health utilising the information obtained from analysing our unique genetic code allows for a tailored approach to dietary and lifestyle interventions as well as personalised treatment plans. By analysing the functioning of a patient’s genes, health-optimisation and disease-prevention strategies can be implemented in a target-specific format.

Functional tests used could be a Dutch Plus Hormone profile, a GI Map stool test or a Metabolomix + nutritional profile or any of the others depending on what you need. Testing allows me to truly personalise your intervention and get you on the road to health with a targeted intervention.

When we have agreed on testing, a kit will be sent to you at home which you can do in you own time and return to the lab for analysis. Most functional testing is done by saliva, bloodspot, stool or urine.

Interpretation of test results are then discussed.

For further information on the nutrigenomic and functional testing, as well as packages available – kindly get in touch by email. 


DNA Health

Assesses multiple genes related to inflammatory pathways, detoxification, lipid and glucose metabolism and oxidative stress response.

DNA Diet

Assesses mutiple genes related to genetic obesity risk, carbohydrate and lipid-sensitivity, exercise response and eating behaviour.

DNA Sport

Assesses multiple genes related to optimal sport performance, injury-risk, exercise-recovery and peak performance time.

DNA Oestrogen

Assesses multiple genes related to oestrogen metabolism and personal genetic risk factors associated with HRT, OCP and IVF use.

DNA Mind

Assesses multiple genes related to neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative disorders as well as habit-response and mood.

DNA Skin

Assesses multiple genes related to collagen formation, sun sensitivity and pigmentation-risk as well as oxidative stress response.

DNA Pain

Assesses key biological pathways that influence chronic pain and comorbid conditions.

DNA Smile

Assesses the state of your oral health and your predisposition for developing periodontal disease, tooth caries and other systemic diseases.

Medcheck Test

Assesses the safety and efficacy of a variety of commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications based on the patient’s unique genetics.