PLEASE NOTE : A deposit must be made to secure your booking. If you need to reschedule your appointment please make sure this is done 24 hours before , or the deposit is not refundable. The remainder of the payment must be made before your consultation .

If ANY consultation is longer than the stipulated time , the rate would be pro-rata to the initial consultation rate.


Acute (online) consultations: £25

  • Duration : 20 minutes
  • Suitable for conditions of rapid onset, with distinct symptoms, which has a short course and begins to resolve once treated . However if not treated it may progress to a chronic problem .
  • Conditions such as : Bites, stings , shock , grief , injuries , accidents , colds , flus , coughs , stomach bugs , vomiting , nausea , diarrhoea, headaches , chickenpox, etc are suitable for an acute consult . 


First consultation: £95

  • Duration:  Up to 60 minutes.
  • This consult is advisable for more long-standing / chronic complaints .A comprehensive case-history will be taken, which includes a thorough evaluation of the patient’s physical, mental, and emotional health, along with the complete details of the presenting complaint.
  • Pertinent physical examination (for in-person consultations).
  • Determination of the patient’s overall health state, followed by tailoring of a specific treatment plan to the patient’s condition.
  • Appropriate individualized homeopathic remedies, supplements, and treatment procedure and plan will be provided.


Discussion of lab test results: £95

  • Duration: 45- 60 minutes.
  • By the end of your consultation we aim that you have a clear understanding of factors that may be influencing your current health status. We will then work together to create a realistic and achievable phased plan to support your health goals. If and when needed – dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplemental support, other functional laboratory testing options and/or medical referrals will be advised. Please note that this is primarily an information gathering and planning session; you will walk away with a clear plan of the way forward.
  • Appropriate individualized homeopathic remedies, supplements, and treatment procedure and plan will be provided.

Follow-up consultation: £75

  • Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour (at 2-4 week intervals, frequency not fixed).
  • The patient’s response to treatment is assessed, and adjustments to treatment protocol and lifestyle recommendations are applied if required.
  • For acute conditions, an average of 1-2 follow-ups may be required (in certain instances, no immediate follow-up may be required if the condition completely resolves after the initial consultation and treatment).
  • For chronic complaints, the number of follow-up consultations required/recommended will vary according to the patient’s condition.